4 Top Tips for your CV/Resume

Whilst researching for this post, I noticed there are literally thousands of articles with templates for a CV/Resume on LinkedIn, Google, etc. but not as many practical (and most of all, useful) tips.

The ‘standard’ layout for CVs is hotly debated in the recruitment world and in truth, can vary greatly depending on location, employment sector and a number of other factors. As such, I won’t be going into the basics of structure or content in detail, but simply giving four easy to action ‘top tips’ to get your CV ship-shape. These are relevant in any location and sector.

  1. Where a job advertisement or description lists any required or beneficial experience/skills, clearly show that you meet these criteria within the content of your CV.
  2. Check the spelling and grammar. I cannot tell you how many CVs the team at mbc Recruitment review on a daily basis with basic spelling and grammatical errors. This will really harm your ability to stand out and does not demonstrate attention to detail, an important skill in almost all industries.
  3. Fonts. There are a number of ‘acceptable’ fonts in the business world these days, but make sure that your entire CV uses a single font. This will help it to flow more easily and ensure it is more readable for the recruiter/hiring manager. (Personally, I’m a fan of Calibri!)
  4. Speaking of the ‘flow’ of your CV, this is a really important factor. Make sure that the style of writing is consistent, the ’employment’ section makes sense and that each section is formatted in the same style.

So there you go! Four ‘Top Tips’ from me to you which will help give your application the best shot at standing out in a competitive employment market.

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Happy job hunting!

Lucas MacInnes www.linkedin.com/in/lucasmacinnes/