3 clues to help you find your dream job

3 Types Of Dream Job Predictors

1. It Makes Your Blood Boil

Anger is a powerful emotion, and it can be used for good, or evil. My first job made me angry beyond belief, and I swore that I would never allow myself to be treated that way again.

Because of that, I got my dream job a couple of years ago, and now have my own business doing what I love – helping other people find their dream jobs with socially and environmentally responsible companies that are making a difference as well as a profit.

My first job experience was a negative one, but I used it to to fuel my passion and create an awesome life, and help others do the same.

So, is there is something in your life or the world that makes you angry – and you want to fix?

That could be a clue to discovering your dream job.

2. A Personal Challenge

Everyone has unique challenges to face in life, and once you’ve conquered them, it can be extremely rewarding (and profitable) to help others do the same.

For example, a young man might grow up quite poor, and swear that he’ll become wealthy so he can take care of his family one day. He solves that problem, and then writes a book, or teaches a course helping others solve it, too.

So, what kind of personal challenges have you faced in your life? Many, I’m sure – yet, there may be one that stands out above the rest as being your purpose in life… or your dream job.

3. Pure Passion

The last dream job predictor can come from love, or pure passion about something.

Maybe you traveled to Africa and absolutely fell in love with animals there, and thus decided to become a park ranger.

Perhaps you love people, and naturally find yourself connecting friends with other friends for mutual benefit. With your thousands of Facebook friends, you decide to become a social media master and super-connector, helping businesses grow their online presence.

And sometimes… there will be an intersection between each of these three types of experiences where they all point in the same direction – and then you know you’ve found it.

So, ask yourself what makes you really angry, what are the biggest personal challenges you’ve overcome, and what are your most exciting passions.

And then take the next step towards making your dream job a reality.

Credit: https://www.workitdaily.com/find-dream-job-clues/