A message from Susan Rupert

2020 will go down as a year that will not be forgotten. We saw unprecedented job losses, businesses closed doors, some permanently and some unknowing if they will be able to recover when they open again. Families not being able to see their new family member born, and some not being able to farewell, hug or say I love you for the last time.

We have faced many challenges as a community. But we have also seen how resilient we can be if we work together and stay strong.

As this year comes to an end, I would like to thank my team, those lost and those who joined us, those who stuck with us and made it work for our employees who faced uncertainty, supported our clients who faced uncertainty and those who faced uncertainty themselves. Without your unwavering support we would not have achieved our goal of facing this year and making it the best we can!

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

To our employees, our Nurses and Care Workers, who put their heads down and hands up. Who supported our clients and helped them through what would have been no less than the most fearful time they would have experienced. You sacrificed your safety and the safety of your families, to make sure our Elderly, Disabled and Terminally Ill clients would not face this pandemic alone! The true heroes of 2020, we salute you!

Our traffic control team, who went into overdrive, in some areas quadrupling their workload to meet the demands of a diminished workforce. An industry passed over during this time. You have been and remain to be essential to us and our clients. You have kept the communities you worked in safe! We cannot thank you enough!

To our Recruitment team. The front-line workers who overnight had to become COVID experts and assist with hygiene and disinfecting. To those who had their routines shaken and had to change their entire way of life! We thank you! Student advisers, Customer service officers, Project Managers, Engineers, HR Managers, Financial Advisors and everyone else who had to adjust to the “new” way of conducting business. 2021 is for you!

Our labourers out on construction sites, building new schools, hospitals, infrastructure needed to function as a community. You didn’t stop! Working to the rules of social distancing and PPE one would imagine seeing in a quarantine zone. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

From Myself and my Family, I Wish you and your families a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

We pray that 2021 brings you hope and is filled with love, blessing and wonderful things!

Susan Rupert


MBC Recruitment, MBC Nursing, Macquarie Labour Hire, and Watchout Training and Traffic Control