Be aware of substance abuse

During our lives, we might fall on hard times, experience trauma, loss or even suffer from mental health issues like depression. Each person experiences it differently, and it affects us all in different ways.


As a result, some may turn to substance abuse. There are some common signs of substance misuse, but be mindful that these are just some examples, and each individual may experience and respond in different ways:

  • It’s a challenge to meet responsibilities
  • Withdrawing themselves from activities or not enjoying activities that used to provide satisfaction
  • Taking part in more dangerous behaviours like drinking and driving or using dirty needles.
  • Behavioural changes, e.g. stealing, exhibiting violent behaviour toward others.
  • Conflict with partner/family/friends and losing friends.
  • Showing signs of depression, anxiety, paranoia or psychosis.
  • Having difficulty reducing or stopping substance use.

More detailed information is contained in the attached Lifeline fact sheet. Call 13 11 14 for 24/7 Crisis Support.