Interview tips

If you are selected for an interview ensure that you arrive at least 5 – 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Research the company thoughtfully before attending the interview.

Familarise yourself with the job description if it was available.

Read over your resume and application again because it will possibly be a discussion point.

Remember – first impressions are lasting so always:

– Dress to impress

– Shake hands firmly

– Smile

– Don’t lie or exaggerate

– Maintain eye contact

– Remember smoking is not for everyone. If you are a smoker it will be the first thing an interviewer will smell. Avoid smoking prior to interview as it could be a disadvantage – especially if the interviewer is a non-smoker

By: Kimarie Meyers

Recruitment Coordinator – mbc Recruitment

Kimarie Meyers
Kimarie Meyers