Keep Christmas spending in check

….and your finances on track for next year!

We all love Christmas. We don’t love the stress and financial burden that goes along with it. The New Year is around the corner, and although we are all optimistic about what it may bring, we should also be cautious with our finances to be ready for anything.

Top ten tips for a happy bank account over the festive season:

  1. Budget for Christmas – start budgeting early because Christmas can get expensive!
  2. Order online and group your shopping to save on delivery costs. Make use of special offers for free delivery.
  3. Secret Santa is a thing! Buy fewer gifts and still have fun exchanging them.
  4. Save your points with Flybuys and Everyday Rewards for your Christmas grocery shopping during the year.
  5. Don’t stop saving – as we know, it is crucial to have an emergency fund.
  6. Google discount codes for specific items/stores.
  7. From me to me. Don’t buy yourself gifts. You’ll be receiving a few over Christmas.
  8. Shop during the year and use special discounts like Black Friday and offers on other special occasions.
  9. Ask guests to bring a specific dish or salad. It reduces the financial burden on one person.
  10. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks – do the math before you buy.

Merry Christmas to all of you! May the New Year be our best one yet.