Don’t starve yourself at work

You’ve been working from home and stuffing your face with every snack you can find.

It might be that you are working from the office again and finding yourself starving by 10.00 in the morning. You don’t have to!

A little planning will go a long way to sustain you for your work day. If you’re hungry, you can’t concentrate and, drinking 20 cups of coffee might take away the hunger pangs but it’s not good for you either.

# Pack a sandwich the night before

# Grab a muffin if you’re late

# Bring a container of ready noodles or soup that only needs boiling water

# Stock up on apples, bananas or mandarins that are easy to transport and not messy to eat – no cutting required

# Make dinner for one more person and take it to work as your lunch for the next day

# If you have a microwave at work, you can even pop some popcorn without butter which is a healthier option than choccies or chips

# Pack some mixed fruits and vegetables

Stay healthy and productive!

Corné Theron

Recruitment & Marketing Consultant