Mandatory Training Abuse of Older Australians

Thank you for completing our Abuse of Older Australians Mandatory Training, this training is a paid training of 30 minutes and is MANDATORY.


How to complete this training.

  • There are four training videos, you will find these in order on this page.
  • Have a pen and notebook handy, as there are quiz questions for each video.
  • Please watch each video and complete the quiz questions directly below each video in a sequential order, you will find the quiz questions directly under each video.
  • You may complete each video at a separate time, however you will not be deemed complete until all four quizzes are complete

Once you have completed the final video, please email Bron on to say you have completed the training.
You will receive confirmation of completion via email within 5 working days, payroll will be notified and your training record updated.

** Bron does not work every day and will reply as soon as possible.
** Please note education hours are paid the last week of each month.

Part One

In the video we cover:
  • Develop and understanding of abuse of older Australians
  • What is abuse?
  • Introduction of the six forms of abuse
Video viewing time: 7.04 minutes

Video Part I – The Issue of Abuse in Older Australians and Disability


Part Two

In the video we cover:
  • The six forms of abuse
  • The MBC Nursing Policy
Video viewing time: 7.01 minutes

Video Part II – Forms of Abuse


Part Three

In the video we cover:
  • Risk Factors – At Home
  • Risk Factors – Facility
  • Barriers to Reporting
Video viewing time: 4.22 minutes

Video Part III – Risk Factors


Part Four

In the video we cover:
  • Responsibility
  • Incidents
  • The Incident Management System
  • Corrective Actions
Video viewing time: 5.01 minutes

Video Part IV – Incident Reporting


Thank you for completing the training, please ensure you email Bron to confirm you have completed the training and for any questions.
0419 645 206