Positive Family Relationships

Quality family relationships and bonds between family members play a key part in the way we feel, manage and work through everyday life and challenges. Whilst not always easy, family relationships do bring joy and comfort to our lives, and with ongoing commitment and quality communication, we can foster these relationships.


1. Know and accept your
personality style, including its
limitations. This will help you
understand how you approach
certain interactions.
2. Be mindful of your response
to stressful events. Take a
minute to calm your thoughts
before having a tricky
3. Reflect on how you
responded to challenging
relationships and conflict in
the past. What went well and
what can be improved?


1. Make communicating a habit.
Talk often and openly because
creating a healthy
communication pattern will
strengthen the bond and trust
between two people.
2. Talk early about things that
cause strain so negative
tension doesn’t build up.
3. Be prepared to give and
receive honest feedback about
things that can be changed for
the better.

Quality time & support

1. Make an effort to be mentally
present with your loved ones
when spending time together.
Avoid distractions, such
as devices at meal time.
2. Make a list of pleasant
activities you can do together
and plan ahead to ensure you
set aside time to do these.
3. Affirm your relationship. Give
compliments and regularly
discuss what you like about
what they
did, who they are and your



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