Fiona Staley-Jackson

How I can help
As a seasoned recruitment consultant with 34 years of experience, I pride myself on offering warm, personalised service. I’m dedicated to understanding your needs, whether you’re a client seeking the right candidate or a job seeker looking for the perfect fit. From screening and interviews to reference checks and guidance, I’m here to make the process seamless and enjoyable. Let’s work together to find the perfect match and elevate your recruitment journey!

My special skills
With a knack for leaving no stone unturned, I go above and beyond, connecting with people at all levels to put them at ease. Whether it’s job seekers feeling nervous or clients seeking recruitment assistance, I offer listening ears and valuable guidance throughout the process. My goal is to make recruitment a seamless, one-stop experience, taking the hassle out of the equation. A happy client equals a happy me – that’s my aim, every time.

All about me
Living in Australia since 2019, I’ve embraced the outdoor lifestyle and beautiful beaches. Enjoying family walks, dining out, and shopping with my lovely daughters are some of my favourite pastimes. And what’s better than sharing paddle boarding adventures with my hubby? Australia truly feels like home, offering everything a girl could ask for and more.