Isabel Wilken

How I can help
As a crucial part of the team, I play a key role in ensuring the organisation runs seamlessly. I love diving into the creative process of designing and developing resources. My role extends to meticulously entering data to maintaining compliance and organising our records with various systems. Embracing flexibility, I gladly take on any ad hoc tasks to contribute to our optimal functioning and maintain a positive professional image.

My special skills
With 28 years of dedicated teaching experience, I am a highly enthusiastic professional committed to imparting a solid education to every student. My unique talent lies in bringing the classroom to life by seamlessly integrating real-world examples and cutting-edge technology. I take pride in understanding and catering to diverse learning styles, ensuring each student’s individual academic needs are met.

All about me
Originally from South Africa and now a proud Australian citizen, I am a devoted mother to five wonderful children and a proud grandmother to four. With a background as a former schoolteacher and sports director, my passion for sports extends to having owned a family-run business focused on indoor sports and an inflatable world. My journey is a blend of family, education, sports, and adventure.