Steve Dorrestein

How I can help
In my role as IT Business Development Manager I’m relying on 2+ decades of a professional career in IT to build strong connections with industry and talent. I’m keen to discover how I can guide industry to grow by introducing or expanding their technology capabilities or streamlining processes while connecting with the right talent!

My special skills
I’m an absolute people’s person and genuinely enjoy finding, creating, establishing and maintaining solid connections to build a strong futureproof network. With my portfolio, program, project and product management background I can rely on exceptional stakeholder communication and engagement skills to focus on key outcomes and deliverables for our clients and partners.

All about me
I’m an absolute team player and enjoy a good game of volleyball. In my spare time I enjoy soaking up nature and being outdoors: beach, bush, camp, hike or travel. I enjoy listening to people’s stories, learning their cultures or sharing adventures. I’m a strong believer in life-long-learning.