Steven Craig

How I can help
After a 20-year career spent in the sales & marketing sector, I moved into the recruitment sector a few years back. After leading a great team of recruiters at MBC, I will now drive business development across all four of our divisions.

My special skills
I’ve employed a stack of people over the years for my own teams and businesses and have also helped identify and hire talent for clients, colleagues and friends and I reckon my strike rate is better than most! I’ve dealt with numerous recruiters over the years too (even sold software to them) so I’ve managed to cherry-pick the best traits and practices from the better ones. To me, the key to being a successful recruiter is all about being authentic and developing strong relationships and that’s something I’ve always done well.

All about me
I am a news junkie and am always listening to or reading way too many news sites, journals etc. I still manage to play competitive soccer every Friday night in Winter for the Seaham Bowthorne Sloths in the magnificent Hunter Valley region where I live, but struggle more and more to get moving again on a Saturday morning! I’m really a bit of a homebody otherwise, spending time with my wife and four teenage children.