Sunette Opperman

How I can help
As the Work Health and Safety Manager and advisor for Nursing, Labour, Traffic and Recruitment, I am here to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and members of the public. As the IMS Manager I am responsible for and passionate about systems and procedures, and to ensure we comply and remain certified in WHS, Quality and Environmental Standards.

My special skills
With my background in development, marketing and Bachelors in Organisational Psychology, I manage not only WHS and IMS but also the mental health of our staff. Prior to being the WHS manager, I was also responsible for recruitment and development of our Nursing Agency and manning the 24/7 on-call service. I regularly assist with labour and traffic recruitment and development and assist with managing our 50 plus fleet of vehicles.

All about me
I love interacting and helping in the community. My passion is giving back and I love being responsible for our charitable donations and commitments. My main hobby is PHOTOGRAPHY…. Love it, love being creative and love the commitment.