Should I have nerves of steel?

Nope, but these 10 tips might help you nail that next interview…

Be prepared, be very prepared – know who you are going to have the interview with, know what the company is about and what makes them tick.

Plan ahead what you want to wear, route you will be taking, what time you need to be there.

Go to bed early.

Rehearse and practice the important stuff with a friend or colleague.

Get there early and relax. Don’t get lost or caught in traffic.

Think about what you can do, and not what you can’t do. Be positive.

Look them in the eye, sit up straight and be confident.

Take time, don’t rush and think about what you are saying.

Be passionate about your job. Excitement is contagious.

Remember that this is not the last job on earth. There will be others.

 Corné Theron

Recruitment and Marketing Consultant