Six tips for creating a positive place to work


Good communication, trust and courtesy keep employees and clients happy

Women in business

This month’s Port Macquarie Focus magazine features mbc women in business.  I was asked “How do you create a positive environment for your team?” As a family owned recruitment agency this question resonates with the core of our business so it’s perfect timing for us to share our six tips businesses can put into action to create positive workplaces.


Tip 1 – Trust your team


Trust is empowering. My team have great ideas and I trust them to take ownership of their projects. Depending on the size of your business there may be a hierarchy of management to navigate but the more you can build trust between teams the better outcomes for everyone and business success will follow.



Tip 2 – Open communication

Good open communication helps businesses improve productivity. Employees should feel well informed about the direction and vision of the organisation and know where they fit into the business.  Equally, open communication is important with customers, suppliers and clients. At mbc we pick up the phone to talk and resolve issues. If problems arise, we view them as valuable opportunities, as long as we address them in a timely and professional manner.



Tip 3 – Show meaningful appreciation

Employees who find meaning in their roles are happier and more productive. Always show courtesy. Recognise successes. Thank you and gratitude go a long way in building positive work places.  When people know they are doing good work, greatness will follow.


Tip 4 – Give and receive feedback

Being available to listen and offering fair and constructive feedback lets employees meet their goals. It’s important to focus on the future and address issues as they arise. Listening to your team’s ideas is important. The world moves so fast now it’s essential to be open to change. And the best new ideas will often come from your team members.


Tip 5 – Offer professional development

As a recruiter, I understand the importance of personal training and development across all industries. In this month’s Focus magazine there are some great examples of professional development opportunities Port Macquarie professionals are taking advantage of. Professional development for employees helps businesses thrive and gives staff the opportunity to reach their full potential. Ensuring employees have the most up-to-date skills and qualifications for their job should be a top priority.


Tip 6 – Give back to your community

Give your employees a workplace they can be proud of by giving back to the community. Whether it’s workplace giving, donations to local causes or sponsoring local events, supporting a cause can create a sense of community amongst employees. At mbc we like to lead by example and support local causes throughout the year as well as our sponsorship of Chamber events.



All industries and businesses will have unique attributes that make them great places to work. mbc works across four divisions including Labour Hire, Traffic Control, Recruitment and Nursing. You might have some other ideas about how to create positive workplaces in your own industry. Please share them with us as we’d love to hear from you.



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Susan Rupert Director of mbc Recruitment