Sarah Condello

How I can help
As Recruitment Consultant, I am responsible for recruiting and onboarding Nursing staff in our areas of operation around Port Macquarie and Newcastle.

My special skills
My previous roles have seen me working as care support worker, in both facilities and community care. Having this experience makes my position as after-hours support enjoyable, as it gives me the ability to understand and connect with care support workers who may call in with questions or concerns. I enjoy hearing about their shifts and their daily wins.

All about me
Ultimately, my special role is being a Mum! I have a 12-month-old son who takes majority of time and two teenage girls. Becoming a mum is my greatest life achievement and something I will be forever grateful for. In my spare time, you’ll find me adventuring, smiling and making the most of my days with my family. I don’t mind throwing a line in here and there and catch up with friends for belly laugh conversations.