Diversity and Inclusion – support a healthy workplace

Organisations enjoy multiple benefits for being diverse and inclusive, and research  has shown this includes growing and maintaining the positive  wellbeing  and mental  health of their workforce. A clear  advantage  of creating  an environment  open and accepting  of diversity  is that employees thrive with a greater sense of safety and belonging.

As our workplaces continue to adapt to dramatic changes required due to COVID-19, organisations are evaluating the mental health and wellbeing support they provide their employees, and how they can improve these services.

Mental health and disability- a team approach 

Anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health conditions can sometimes be recognised disabilities which are incredibly common throughout workplaces, even when they are not always seen.

Globally the past 12 months has seen companies and their employees rely on employee assistance program providers to deliver support and resources around mental health and wellbeing, more than ever before.

Experts agree  that  ensuring  disability  is part  of diversity and inclusivity strategies and conversations is essential. Increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace  is a major step employers  and businesses can take to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

“There are multiple benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace and

employers and business leaders   shouldn’t ignore the incredibly positive impact it can have on the health and wellbeing  of  their team.”

Fiona Kalaf,

CEO of Employable Me.

Five benefits a diverse and inclusive workplace has for your employees:

  • Greater sense of safety and belonging
  • Stronger resilience and ability to adapt to change
  • More open to discuss and manage mental health issues
  • Improved conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
  • Increased empathy and understanding of customer and co-worker needs

Five benefits a diverse and inclusive workplace has for your business:

  • Stronger team morale
  • More positive workplace atmosphere
  • More productive and engaged employees
  • Higher employee retention and loyalty
  • A larger, more diverse recruitment talent pool