10 Productive Pointers to Progress

Looking at my kids’ screen time summary, I was thinking: “What if some people got paid for looking at their social media pages every day.” Now what if you applied that time towards your work, for which you are being paid – think how productive you would be?

Being more productive should be an everyday occurrence. And social media is not the only culprit.

Let’s look at a few productive progressors:

Notifications: your email keeps pinging, your Messenger keeps ponging and your phone keeps ringing. If you switch those off, you might be able to concentrate on something longer and finish it quicker.

Deadlines: you carry on carrying on and nothing gets done. Set a time limit and stick to it. Ticking off the checklist is a good feeling.

Meetings: you might want to skip the meeting to arrange Ben’s farewell snacks.

Office: working in a stuffy, dark and uninteresting place won’t do you any favours. Keep it light, airy and look at something interesting.

Smoking: besides being the worst thing you can do to yourself, it’s a time waster for sure.

Be proactive: if you get something out of the way today, you create more time for other things tomorrow.

Work smart: working smarter, not harder is not a new concept, but a proven one. Instead of doing it all yourself, there are many apps and tools to automate what you’ve been doing manually all this time.

Be diligent: doing something once, and comprehensively, will save you time and ultimately make you more productive.

Tools: make sure you have the right tools for the job. You won’t get anywhere cleaning a warehouse floor with a toothbrush.

Finish: finish what you started and move on to the next thing. Doing a bit here and a bit there, won’t get you ticking off anything on a checklist.


Have a productive day today!

 Corné Theron

Recruitment and Marketing Consultant

Female hands working on modern laptop. Office desktop on white background