Supporting Families In Need With Mission Australia This Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, our hearts are filled with warmth and the spirit of giving. Christmas is a time to come together and make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

This year, MBC will be supporting Mission Australia for the 3rd year in a row and we are excited to be accepting donations on their behalf at our office in Port Macquarie. Let’s join together in a collective effort to bring joy to families in need by supporting Mission Australia.

Mission Australia‘s integrated nationwide services help people find safe and affordable housing, support disadvantaged children and families, empower troubled young people, assist people with mental illness and disability, and much more.

The holiday season can be an especially challenging time for families facing financial difficulties. Many struggle to provide even the most basic necessities, let alone the extra special moments that make Christmas magical. By donating to Mission Australia, we can contribute to creating memorable experiences for these families.

How You Can Contribute

Mission Australia currently has 28 families they are working with.

  1. Click here to download the details of families, including gender and age to help you provide a suitable gift. Please no alcohol or sharp items. Some suggestions from Mission Australia include:
      • Activity vouchers eg: wildnets, zoo, movies (the kids very rarely get to do these things)
      • Small gifts to hand out eg: books, craft
      • Family box – mix of things for all children in that family
  2. Wrap your gift and attach a label for the family member, gender and age.
  3. Drop off and put under our Christmas tree at: MBC Recruitment, 1/49 Horton Street, Port Macquarie during business hours Monday to Friday.

All donations will be collated and dropped off at Mission Australia by the 8th December.

Every contribution, big or small, brings us one step closer to creating a brighter, more hopeful Christmas for families in need.

Please help us by spreading the word on social media, in your workplace, and among friends and family. Encourage others to join in the effort and make a positive impact this holiday season.